About us

The University of Cambridge-Chinese University of Hong Kong Joint Laboratory for Bilingualism (JLB) is a collaborative effort between the University of Cambridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong directed by Yuan Boping and Virginia Yip.

The establishment of JLB marks a milestone in the development of research in bilingualism, bilingual development, second language acquisition, heritage language, psycholinguistics, Chinese language and linguistics and related fields. Housed in the Brain and Mind Institute, JLB creates an international platform to promote and disseminate research in bilingualism with a focus on the acquisition of Chinese in linguistically diverse bilingual and multilingual contexts. It is also part of an internationalization effort, forging close links between the University of Cambridge and CUHK by bringing together scholars, researchers and students in bilingualism and related fields and galvanizing our research expertise and strengths. JLB aspires to be an incubator for innovative research collaborations among researchers and students to advance research in bilingualism from an interdisciplinary perspective. The establishment of JLB is supported by funding from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a donation from the Global Parent Child Resource Centre.